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New Shoes

Got a pair of New Balance 857’s. They are a stability shoe that should help with my over pronation. Went for my first run with them yesterday. Three miles and they felt pretty good. It’s hard to tell though, until I put a few weeks of running into them. My last attempt at marathon training, in 2004, ended with severe knee pain and pretty much getting burned out. I’m taking a much more cautious approach this time. Increasing my mileage SLOWLY.



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New Topic…

Ok, so I’ve not been keeping up with the blog. But that’s all gonna change now! I’m adding marathon training to my already booked schedule of day job – personal training job – day job- personal training job – eat sleep eat sleep – OK, you get the idea.

Anyway, I’ll use The Body Blog to keep anyone who’s interested up to date on my marathon training. Maybe this will jumpstart this whole blog thing for me.


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